Welcome to my blog – The Accidental Dog Mom!

Follow me through my journey from a carefree girl, to a depressed and anxious dame, a responsible Dog Mom, and finally a decorous human.

Dear Readers: Thank you for following my blog! Many of you have emailed me asking when my next post would be scheduled. I will be posting blogs to my site on every Thursday.  I will also be posting my art work and cooking skills from time to time.

Sharing my successes, as well as failures. So do look out for this space for new posts.

Life’s events, no matter how strenuous, do not necessarily mean the end of the world, and, as unattainable as it may sound, there is always a way to turn things around. Let me show you how…


  1. Myself n my wife were reading thru all the blogs written by you. We personally thank you for inspiring us, for making us think, believe, trust, help, learn, create, contribute, give back n love. Gratitude for spreading love and humanistic approach. We happen to be Nikhil’s family friends living in US. We have four family dogs, 2 of them adopted by my niece n nephew. As far with “Juniors” problem. Please kindly help by doing this, Cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers may ease the discomfort of skin infection. My wife happens to be a pharmacist, in fact she is looking into the IV medication normally given thru IV for staph skin infection.
    Thank You, for shaping the mindset of tomorrow’s readers and showing them how to live to the max

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    1. Dear Shumeet and Arti,
      Good to get acquainted. I really appreciate you following my blog and the kind words you have written. This motivates me to keep writing and bettering myself. I also appreciate your suggestion for Junior. Thank you so much.


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