I Am Beautiful.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. One of the first things some people
think about, when talking about beauty, is genetics. And they kind of completely skip
other ideas. Beauty does not have any set definition and neither does it have any
defined parameters. Beauty is to each their own and is how one perceives it to be.
Physically, too maybe where you live, you’re perceived as “beautiful” by those who are
around you, because you stand out from the rest. But, if you moved to another
place/country, you might be perceived as normal. Can this suggest that beauty is
subjective? Let’s take confidence or personality as a defining factor for beauty as they
can also play a big role. It is quite possible that your doppelganger in looks, but a
different personality and charm may be perceived less beautiful than you in a parallel

What I am trying to convey here is that it is really irrelevant how someone sees you to
be; what is most important is how you perceive yourself to be. If you consider yourself
beautiful then what the world thinks or believes is really irrelevant. We need to know that
what we are today is a combination of events, choices of actions and thoughts distributed
among our entire life, that got us to this very moment in our life, and no one as a right to
judge or label us but our own selves.

The world has created many definitions of beauty. A beautiful face, beautiful figure,
beautiful hair, beautiful heart, etc. But for me, I feel the most beautiful when I open the
door to my house and a big baby is enthusiastically waiting to jump on me and shower
me with his wet kisses and wagging tail. I also feel beautiful when I am sitting on my
couch in pajamas, messy hair and no makeup; and Junior hops on the couch and
straight comes to me to sleep on my lap.

I do not specifically need another human to tell me that I am beautiful. Predominantly
because my Junior makes me feel beautiful every single day. He doesn’t care if I have
expensive clothes, or a big house, or anything as such. The glow in his eyes when he
looks at me makes me the most beautiful woman on this Earth.

I cannot help but
wonder, how many times have we genuinely felt beautiful and happy while looking into a
man’s eyes? But while looking into our dog’s eyes, we fall in love all over again every

There is no doubt that their love is pure and unconditional. But when they are
eagerly waiting for you to be home or to play with you or just to sleep next you, it makes
you feel so wanted, so proud, so calm and so BEAUTIFUL.

Beauty to me is a feeling that fills your heart with so much love that there is no room for
any more thoughts. It has got nothing to do with the shape of your lips or the colour of
your eyes. True beauty is about how you feel about yourself, how you make others feel
and how others reciprocate that feeling.

Casper and Junior have always made me feel
like Miss Universe by giving me so much love, protection and happiness. And when you
are happy from within, it shows on the outside too.

I’d like to quote something, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” This means it all
depends on who’s looking at you. But never forget, if you are a good person, your outer
beauty will fade one day, but you will always be beautiful. Never let anyone tell you

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