Sensitive – Blessing or Curse?

Being a dog lover, and, a dog mom, my family and friends keep asking me for suggestions for some good dog related movies. Honestly speaking, in my whole life I have watched only 2 dog related movies because even in movies, I cannot see a dog getting hurt or dying.

I am a big cry baby in real life. Sensitive to the core. Till date, I still remember the sadness I felt in the end while watching “Marley & Me” and dwell on it. Even when there are news articles about animal abuse or similar, I do not read it. Or if someone suggests me to watch some movie, my first question to them is “is the dog tortured or does the dog die?”. Only after that I will consider watching.

The other movie that I watched was “A Dog’s Purpose”. Though the movie was fantastic, I have cried buckets of tears throughout the movie. Ever since then I decided that I will never watch any dog movies, irrespective of happy or sad ending. Since so many years I was eager to watch the movie “Hachiko”. As I know the real life story very well, I do not have the guts to watch this movie.

My close friends and family are aware of my sensitive nature towards dogs. One time, a friend was suggesting me to watch a Netflix Series. But he very clearly mentioned to me to start watching the series from the second episode; as the first episode would leave me in tears because a dog dies in it. Another time, another friend of mine had posted a dog abuse awareness article on his page. Soon after he called me and said, “I have posted an article, but do not open the video.” Well, I didn’t even have to question why.

But it’s not just about dogs. Some months back, a very tragic incident happened in south India. Some jerk filled an empty pineapple with crackers and left it in the jungle. An Elephant came and ate the pineapple. But soon ran towards the stream and submerged herself in water as she got poisoned by the crackers and was trying to cool herself down. Unfortunately, she died. On autopsy, it was revealed that she was pregnant. It’s been months, and I still cannot forget about this.

When COVID19 came into light, there were many rumors all over the world that Coronavirus can be transferred through dogs as well. To say this was utter nonsense would be an understatement. But many morons started abandoning their dogs in the fear of the virus. I kept coming across so many articles of the same that I uninstalled the news app completely.

But then, I even know some people, who are dog parents and lovers just like me, but when it is time, they become extremely particle and are ready to put their dog to sleep. I can totally understand that sometimes it is the need of the hour. But no matter what, I can NEVER take that decision, come what may.

Am I the only super sensitive person or are there people like me? I hold on to some memories so tight and it gets overwhelming, when in reality I know I have to go. But mind it, I am only sensitive when it comes to animals, more over; when it comes to dogs. It’s funny when I ask does the dog die in the movie and my friends reply, “no, but the human dies.” And I am like, “oh ok.”

Some say I am too sensitive. But the truth is; I just feel too much. Every word, every action and every energy goes straight to my heart. This does not mean I am too dramatic, too emotional, too intense or too much of anything. As most think and say, “be practical, he is just a dog. You know he won’t live as long as you” or “not everyone is a dog lover like you.” This is just my keen awareness to their pain and my passion to understand the unspeakable. I have always felt things deeply and differently than most people. That has been both my blessing and my curse.

I have been tagged as an over thinker and dramatic person when I have cried for stray dogs or when I have expressed my intention of not watching a dog movie. People have even called me fake and an attention seeker. What they do not understand is, I am not a miserable person. I am an intense person. When I feel happiness or love, I feel those things intensely, and I feel pain over intensely. It’s the price I pay for FEELING. Do you feel for others intensely? Do you understand dogs even in their silence? Let me know. I would be glad to connect with people like me.

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